Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Facebook 3d App

                  This is app is not for Facebook users to chat or check their statuses. But to show them their personal details in most initiative and modern way. The app uses the mind blowing Augmented Reality which is fast trending.  Enough about the basis of the app. Lets get into the functional part.

How it works?

                   The user needs to login to facebook via the app. But there is no in-app login available for this app. So the app will redirect you the browser where u have to login and copy the access code back to the app. I know, this part is annoying for most of the users, but all I can say is, its worth trying/doing. After copying the Code , click on the connect button, It will take few mins to load and open the camera of your phone. After which you have to target the picture given below.


  • Shows profile picture in the center with tilting animation
  • Shows your name below the profile picture
  • Shows the unseen notifications on the right side
  • Shows the recent friend requests on the left side
  • Clicking on the profile picture loads random picture from your albums/wall.
  • All the above will be shown in Augmented Reality.
The video given below shows the kind of experience which can be expected.

Android Version Required: Android 2.2 or above (supports all resolutions, including tablets)

Where to download?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pokemon Game for android

Pokemon Game v3.9.7

now given permission to move to SD card.

To download it , go to thepiratebay . org
and search "pokemon android"
you will find "pokemon game for android"
download torrent file ,Enjoy the game. and tell your friends too.


download from here

new features in ultimate edition

-online battle mode
-max 8 attacks per pokemon
-perfect type calculations (strength and weakness)
-no bugs evn in beta version.
-story mode(conversation)
-new pokemon center with a bug free PC(to store pokemons).
-save and load functionality
-pokeball and potions available
-you can catch wild pokemons
-better user interface
-run away option while battling with wild pokemons

These features are confirmed and it has been tested. but the game is not complete. i designed it till two gyms.