Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pokemon Game for android

Pokemon Game v3.9.7

now given permission to move to SD card.

To download it , go to thepiratebay . org
and search "pokemon android"
you will find "pokemon game for android"
download torrent file ,Enjoy the game. and tell your friends too.


download from here

new features in ultimate edition

-online battle mode
-max 8 attacks per pokemon
-perfect type calculations (strength and weakness)
-no bugs evn in beta version.
-story mode(conversation)
-new pokemon center with a bug free PC(to store pokemons).
-save and load functionality
-pokeball and potions available
-you can catch wild pokemons
-better user interface
-run away option while battling with wild pokemons

These features are confirmed and it has been tested. but the game is not complete. i designed it till two gyms.



  1. You need move to SD card.. its like 7mb now.. to much for my htc desire

  2. Hi, I love your game. But you must fix it so you can go back from Elite 4 when all your Pokemon are fainted, without having to close the entire game! Thank you :)

  3. hey bro whats up sorry if i sound pushy or anything but the pokemon app is a beast game but you could add like places..hooen(where ash started at]and all the other places and more trainers, and mainly a lot more pokemon but then we need pokeballs(like the different color ones lol idk what they called]and could you try to add sound if not its okay and more evolutions, and ledendry pokemon all of them if you can or atleast most please if you dont want to add all these to the game its ok im not triping its ur game but im just saying it would be alot better(even more beast lol]so ya just lettn you know my opinioun or however you spell it lol..awesome game by the way...and i still cant get pasted the alite 4 lol

  4. Top game really good glad you can go higher than level 100 its great beat elete 4 every time its great! Would love like more Pokemon and like great balls and stuff maybe like more trainers to battle that would be great thanks for making it

  5. Love the game, great time-filler. Can you post a list of the pokemon you can capture as you make your way through?

  6. Love it! its cool. Only one downside that i could point out... the battle scene has the "ok" button right in the corner. When you battle to fast, it presses on the next town when the battle scene is over. This isnt good for some people like me who havent got passed the elete 4. cuz if your not ready for them.... you lose
    thanks for reading

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  8. Nice game, but you could improve your grammar. Many, many typos in your game. Would you like some help for that? Email me vitorgatti at gmail dot com


  9. Is there someone that play online battle mode? I am from Brasil.

  10. The enimes on city 6 are very cool.

  11. I was wondering how some of u have made it to the elite 4 my game only goes to city 6 it won't go any further it says game ain't complete yet

  12. Can u try 2 hurry up and finish the ultiamre edition causey pokemon need stronger pokemon to train on

  13. Still trying to figure out the online battle feature and i'm having a problem where my butterfree and beedrill are losing their 2 of their 6 attacks randomly

  14. superb game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. Download link not working... :(