Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pokemon Game for android

Pokemon Game v3.9.7

now given permission to move to SD card.

To download it , go to thepiratebay . org
and search "pokemon android"
you will find "pokemon game for android"
download torrent file ,Enjoy the game. and tell your friends too.


download from here

new features in ultimate edition

-online battle mode
-max 8 attacks per pokemon
-perfect type calculations (strength and weakness)
-no bugs evn in beta version.
-story mode(conversation)
-new pokemon center with a bug free PC(to store pokemons).
-save and load functionality
-pokeball and potions available
-you can catch wild pokemons
-better user interface
-run away option while battling with wild pokemons

These features are confirmed and it has been tested. but the game is not complete. i designed it till two gyms.